We believe in your people

The Y Impact program is designed to connect Professional Business Advisors across the accounting, legal and banking sector with social entrepreneurs, providing professional and personal leadership development through a mutually beneficial mentoring program.


The purpose of the program is to provide:

Professional development and engagement for Corporate Business Advisors;

Considered social impact aligned to business strategy; and

A unique client engagement and business development opportunity.

For Business advisors, this program:

Creates the next generation of business leaders, developing holistic skills, confidence, agility and breadth in advice delivery;

Focuses on business advisory resources for social impact, to ensure alignment with business objectives for maximum mutual benefit;

Engages clients and prospects in a fresh, personal, non-technical subject that builds genuine relationships and creates conversations around service offering.

For Social Entrepreneurs, this program:

Creates connection to the corporate & private sectors

Develops fundamental business and finance acumen necessary to grow social enterprise and scale impact


The Y Impact program delivers a series of Business workshops to social entrepreneurs, focused on key areas such as revenue options, business planning and general finance skills. Social entrepreneurs are partnered with professional business advisors in a mutually beneficial mentoring program, where workshop content is immediately actionable and applicable to the social enterprise

Client and employee events are facilitated by Y Impact including motivational speakers and social entrepreneurs.  

If you are a business advisor looking to connect your people with purpose and develop a leadership mindset, or a social entrepreneur needing to hone to your business skills, we’d love to hear from you!

76% of millennials believe business should be a force for good
— B Lab Australia- How to Grow Your Impact